Mix 2

This is a bit shorter - work is busy, I am in a shit mood because most people seem to think I am their bitch/peon/asskisser etc etc. Fucking hell. Morons.

Its only one-sided, well, if you are the type to worry about that stuff. Mostly fast/pv... less grind, even a lil melody here and there. I'm putting together a doom one also, I'm finicky about playlist orders and such, so it is causing me unneeded grief. I admit it, I am a weirdo.



More Yog than Shub

This demo came out round 12 months ago I guess - been super taken with it ever since. Really impressive little collection of noise, grind and general madness. No powerviolence here; but plenty of insanity.
I should have an interview with these guys up soon.

Play loud, thrash about and enjoy!

More info @: Water Retention Problems
Their follow up EP (Inflatable World For Weak Lungs) is even better and can still be purchased:
Massive cheers to the band for letting me post this x


A Funeral for Swedish Cheese

 This is actually good, fun, loud and noisy D-Beat from Joke of Warvictims. The lyrics are seriously bloody cheesy but it does blast along very nicely. Very nicely indeed. Find out more here:
D-Beat Raw Punk



Repeating things can be pointless

So I am not going to.

If you are looking for a lot of Perth underground music - go to Dullsville . This blog has an absolute wealth of great stuff to download, listen to and generally drink alcohol with. And Vinyl Abuse is more than nifty for a lot of local stuff too.

And check the blogs listed under blogs of note for more, more, more!!!

I am tired and waiting for some interview responses, hopefully there will be some of that up in the next couple weeks.


Sold out bullshit

I'll admit it - never been that much of a Crass fan. Good lyrics I guess. But $40 bucks for some bloke effectively covering himself for an hour or so? NO FUCKING THANKS.

Go back to gardening in the commune or some shit maggot and leave punk to people who continue to care about it, work their asses off for a beer or two and a couch to sleep on during tours, don't rip other punks off with disgusting ticket prices and sales in mega-corp t-shirt warehouses.

Enjoy your profits sellout motherfucker....

 P.S. If you do go, and enjoy, kudos to you.