some ranting

Many things in this world disturb me, its true. Consider the following:
  • LARM makes me want to drink copious quantities of beer. So does XGasmaskX. Preaching at others because of a personal, lifestyle decision shits me no end.
  • Punk not Junk! I actually have minimal problems with most junkies. However the ones which spend time and effort into recruiting punk/crusty kids into their addiction are scum. In fact - it makes you a piece of verminous shit. Perth crew may have an idea of the "person" I am talking about.
  • How is it the motherfuckers who run Greece can CUT THE CORPORATE TAX RATE???? You capitalist schweinhund fucks. That's right, teachers, public servants etc are taking a near 50% pay cut for debts not of their creation, but big business gets rewarded for years of corruption and graft. Fuckers.
  • Malaysian refugee camps. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh socially progressive solution for refugees that. ALP = mega fail.
  • Good punks dying too young. 
  • Photos of Seth Putnum being blown. That is just so so wrong. 
  • Misogyny in metal generally. As highly as I may rate say Nattefrost as a black metal frontman, those "sluts of hell" and the like are stupid. Get the fuck over it and go burn a church. 
  • Morons who "R.I.P." Dead (Per Ohlin). He is not resting in peace. He is sitting at the left hand of Hel laughing at those who join him in Niflheim.
That is all today. Suffer gig tonight at the Civic. Thank fuck for something good this week

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